All items are individually hand made, are approximate and may alter slightly from the below guidelines. It is important to acknowledge that any product made from a print fabric may have various parts of the print on the item you receive, that may differ from the product displayed. Please contact us if you wish to discuss sizing or discuss a custom sized order. 



L Adult: Fits most 5 years +

Contact us if you'd like to order a headband in other sizes such as:

XS Tiny Baby: Fits best for dolls, tiny newborns or premature babies.

S Infant:  Fits most 0 - 6 months

M Child: Fits most 6 months - 5 years



Original: One size fits most.

Bowed Scrunchie: Once size fits most. This is our Original Scrunchie with a removable bow, perfect for mix & match. 

Mini Scrunchies: Ideal for most infants/children under 5 years, or big kids (including grown up kids) wearing two smaller plaits/ponytails/braids. Elastic can tie twice around the small amount of hair, or sit around one  bun without twisting. About 75% of an Original Scrunchie size.

Scrunchie Scarf: One size fits most. This is our Original Scrunchie with a Medium Scarf tied to it. Once the scarf if tie, each piece is approximately 20cm that can hang, or be tied into a bow.

Sallybell: One size fits most. The elastic length is the same as an original scrunchie, which is slightly larger than your standard hairband/hair tie.



Scarf: One size fits most. The approximate overall length is 75cm that can hang  approximately 20cm after being tied or into a bow when worn as a hair tie. This item can also be worn as a thin neck tie or headband for most. 

ICPA Shirt Scarf: One size fits most. ICPA Shirt Scarf's are fitted with four press studs (two on each side) that allow adjustment of size around the neck, and are long enough to loop around various buttons on the shirt. 


Watercolour Art Outer Frame Sizes:

Small: 17cm x 22.5cm. 

Medium: 22cm x 22cm

Large: 27cm x 27cm

Gift Cards: 6" x 4"