The ultimate hair accessory!

Our scrunchies are handmade using a stunning collection of fabrics that vary in texture, colour and design. Our scrunchies are luxurious, so you'll see they are full of fabric and quality elastic to last many, many wears. 

Our most popular scrunchies include:

Original: Our standard scrunchie. Visit our Bows collection and add an Adult Bow if you like.

Bowed Scrunchie: The original scrunchie, with a removable bow. Mix and match your own combinations by visiting our Bows collection and adding extra Adult bows to your cart and wear your scrunchies in many more ways.

Scarf Scrunchie: Our newest design, this is our original scrunchie with a removable scarf that you can leave dangle with your hair or tie in a bow.

Mini: About 75% of the original scrunchie size, these are ideal for the little ones, or when big girls are wearing two plaits/ponytails/braids where they can only twist once. If wearing over a bun the Mini scrunchies sits directly onto the bun with no twists required.

Sallybell: If you are looking for the practicality & ease of a hair tie/band, without the fluff of a scrunchie - our Sallybells are for you! The perfect way to add some colour + style to your hair while keeping it sleek and simple. Inspired & named after one of our own. x

For more information on Scrunchie sizes, visit our Sizes page.